The Perfect Gift

We actively seek commissions for turning engineering into fine art.

Our cutaway illustrations display the engineering details that the world never sees. They are a perfect sales tool or way to commemorate the completion of a project well done. Exposing the inner details reminds people that engineering really is a form of art as well as a science. Cutaways are the perfect gift for your employees and customers

We emphasize engineering detail, showing every rivet, bolt and access panel. The level of detail in our illustrations conveys the complexity of what we are illustrating.

Accessible and Affordable Art

Our cutaway illustrations are very accessible because we put them on a range of every day products such as coffee mugs, coasters, polo shirts, t-shirts, and wooden cutaway models. The range of products also makes our illustrations more affordable because the same illustration can be put on wide variety of products. Since the products are at different price points, you can give your special customers or key employees a more expensive gift while widely distributing a less costly version.

We have extensive experience in how to best display a cutaway illustration on prints, ceramics, and apparel. Many aviation museums and historic ships carry our titles in their gift stores.

Cost Effective

All our corporate products at the same wholesale prices that we charge to museums and our prices are competative with firms that only manufacture existing artwork. You are only charged once for creating the illustration and the drawing costs are amortized over a large number of products. Re-orders of the same illustrations do not include any drawing expenses.

The cost of creating an illustration is a function of the illustrator's rate and number of hours required. Our illustrators have different ablities and their rates vary accordingly. We match the rate we charge with the difficulty of the task. For example, the rate for creating the master drawing is higher than the rate for modifing the drawing for a t-shirt.

Anything and Everything

Anything that’s well-engineered makes a great cutaway. We thrive on the challenge to turn the most esotric engineering into fine art. Oil tankers, offshore drilling platforms, car factories, heavy duty construction equipment - we want to tackle everything and anything. Let us turn your blueprint or cad files into fine art.


If you would like to further explore any combination of ceramic, apparel, and wooden model cutaway illustrations, please call us at (650) 245-0035 . You may also email us at